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Along with fun, safety is a top priority at Susquehanna Outfitters! In order to ensure a great trip for you and your group, we ask that you look over our guidelines on water levels, weather, and paddle experience before your trip.


Proper water levels are essential for a safe and enjoyable paddling trip. We run our trips when the water levels are as follows:

River Level (Feet)
Susquehanna River
2.5 - 5
Conodoguinet Creek
1.7 - 3
Shermans Creek
1.3 - 3
Yellow Breeches Creek
0.9 - 3
Swatara Creek
1.6 - 3

We do not run trips on the Susquehanna when the river is above 5 feet.

Find Current Water Levels Here:

Water Levels


Check the weather before you book!

We do not cancel trips for clouds or rain
We do cancel for dangerous weather including high winds above 15mph, thunder/lightning, and heavy rain/hail.

Please refer to our Cancellation Policy.

River Info and Safety

On your paddle down the Susquehanna, you will see several small islands. They are all public (except Wade Island), so feel free to get out and explore! Pro Tip: Get out of your boat on the up-stream tip of the islands and look for rocky beaches to avoid the sticky river mud (that enjoys eating your shoes)!

The Dockstreet Dam is the main hazard (that you won't see), located on the Susquehanna River. It is a 1/2 mile downstream from the Susquehanna Outfitters shop (main take-out location), so it is essential that you paddle on the right-hand side of City Island. 

Dockstreet Dam Map.png

Click for full map

Paddle Experience

Find what paddle experience fits you best

Beginner paddlers have little to no experience on a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard. They are able to paddle forward and are most comfortable on flat water. Brand new to paddling? Check out our lessons with an experienced guide!

Intermediate paddlers have some experience on the water and are more comfortable with light rapids and moving water. They are able to move the kayak forwards and backwards with ease, as well as make turns and fast stops, and maneuver around hazards.

Advanced paddlers are the most comfortable on the water and can navigate through more vigorous rapids and high water. In addition to being able to perform all of the maneuvers from the intermediate level, they are also able to do advanced strokes and rescues.

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