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Canoe Camping Trips

Saturdays & Sundays

Dates: By Request

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Are you looking for more fun than 6 hours on the water? Join us for a guided adventure on the Susquehanna River from Halifax to Harrisburg. We will navigate the exciting rapids through the Dauphin Narrows past the mini statue of liberty, float by the local wildlife, and relax by a fire on a beautiful island surrounded by nature.

Cost (Per Person)

1 Person: $325

2 People: $315

3 People: $305

4 People: $295

5 People: $285

6 People: $275

7 People: $265

8 People: $260

9 People: $255

10 People: $250

Cost Includes:

Safety Talk/Instruction, Shuttle to put in, Canoe, Paddles, Life Jackets, First Aid Kit, Guide(s), Snacks, Meals (2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast), Sleeping Gear (Tents, Sleeping bags and Pads), Water Purification items, Kitchen Items (Pots, Pans, Cups, ETC.)

Please Bring:

Swimsuit or non cotton, quick dry clothing, Camp Clothes (for Camp and Sleeping), Personal Hygiene Items, Medications, Warm Clothing (Hat, Gloves, Fleece/Down Jacket), Rain Gear (Jacket and Pants), Closed Toed Water Shoes, Camp Shoes (*Optional), Additional Snacks/Drinks, Bug Spray (*Optional), Sun Screen, Attitude for Adventure!

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